IP Trunking

What is IP Trunking


large-scale use of Voice over IP

IP trunkingIP trunking is large-scale use of Voice over IP (VoIP). With IP Trunking, your voice traffic runs as a single application on the establishment’s IP access. The whole business is attached with the data world through a single connection and this connection is then divided among all the company’s phones and computers. For businesses, IP trunking provides multiple telephone lines and also the need of essential telephone services like call waiting, call forwarding, voice mail systems, etc.



Key features:

  • IP trunking is more proficient than out-dated voice services and allows you to scale with effortlessly to add more capacity as your business growth.
  • It significantly lowers costs and improves proficiency of your voice and data traffic as it is handled by a single network.
  • All your calls goes through a private and secure IP network and thereby getting high quality Voice over IP (VoIP) communications system. With IP Trunking, you can simplify your network, maximize your bandwidth and access advanced data applications.